2020- 2021

Grand Finale Members

Congratulations to the members of Grand Finale for the 2020-2021 school year!

Aden Conrad

Anna Harper

Anna Jane Self

Anna Lauren Smith

Ava Fortenberry

Brandon Aguilar

Brendan Strickland

Brenner Paz de Leon

Cai Sabino

Caleb Sabino

Carson Claire Walker

Carson Glass

Chloe Littlejohn

Christina Tomlin

Ella McKerrocher

Eric Legostaev

Frankie Cook

Gracie Benefield

Gracie Goble

Hayley Alred

Jaikiria McGinnis

Jamesen Payton

Joseph Lee

Jud Bray

Julianna Mitchell

Kaylee Mooyoung

Keith Diamond

Kelsey Belteton

Lydia Norris

Mallory Rogers

Mary Drinkard

Nash Williams

Sam Thomas

Shehan Sundrani

Sophia Guyant

Stella Turner

Tyler Jackson

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You may save the Google folder to your personal Drive. Additional files will be added throughout the year!