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Chorus Auditions 

Advanced Chorale

An auditioned vocal ensemble who meet daily during 1st period and will perform on numerous occasions throughout the year at concerts, festivals, literary contest, LGPE, and in the community. This choral group aims to accurately prepare and perform more difficult choral works in a highly polished manner with a high level of musicality. Auditions are held in the spring, and students must have completed one year in a beginning ensemble before auditioning.

Advanced Women's Chorus

An auditioned vocal ensemble which meets daily during 2nd period and will perform in at least three concerts during the year at concerts, in addition to honor choirs, and LGPE in the spring semester. This course serves to increase students’ vocal and choral abilities and improve their musical skills and knowledge. Auditions are held in the spring semester toward the end of the school year.

Concert Choir

A non- auditioned introductory-level vocal ensemble which meets daily, and is broken into two class periods: women, who meet during 4th period, and men, who meet during 6th period. This ensemble performs in at least three concerts during the year. This course serves as a beginning foundation for quality choral singing and basic music skills and knowledge .

Chorus Audition Information

Students wishing to audition as a new member of Advanced Chorale or Advanced Women's Chorus will need to submit a continuous, unedited video audition which contains the following:




The major, minor, and chromatic scale, sung in the key of your choice

Your chosen voice part of the hymn Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee- FIRST VERSE ONLY. Click HERE to find the rehearsal materials

You singing this year's sight reading example- Click HERE to find the exercise with instructions. 

You will upload your video to the form below. Please contact me if you have ANY concerns at

ALL STUDENTS wishing to be in a Rome High Choir for the 2020- 2021 school year must fill out an audition form.


You do not have to include a video audition if:


1. You wish to be in Concert Choir.


2. You are a RETURNING RHS choir member and you wish to remain in the same ensemble as the 2019-2020 school year, and you are passing with a grade of an A


Click               to complete the form online!

Please have all submissions in by May 15th!

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